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Guild Progression.
May 7, 10 2:00 PM
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Welcome to the Bad Karma Guild Website.

We are a new guild looking to recruit all players from level 68 and up.  We are focused on helping eachother out by ways of leveling, learning more about their class, proper enchants/gems, and downing end game content.  Until we grow bigger and gain more gear, this guild will focus on weekly runs of toc 10m and 25m (with pugs) and possible icc rep runs.  We are a more laid back guild then most, we are here to have fun, but we also want to progress thru icc and any/all raids.  After all, winning is fun isnt it?
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Guild Progression.

Sylreiena, May 7, 10 2:00 PM.
I know we are a new guild and we're getting to know each other little by little but we are doing great together.  We are continueing to recruit new members and we are getting things done.  We have done 10 Maly and 10 TOC full clear and this past thursday we downed the first five bosses in 10 ICC as a full guild run. 

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